Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Brighton in February

Well, I didn't see much of Brighton while I was there - only a very dark space where the sea was as I walked back to where I was staying each night. And each day it rained and rained.
However, the reason I was even in Brighton was to demonstrate and exhibit at the Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts Fair run by ICHF. It was excellent, and well attended by many thousands of interested people who were a pleasure to meet. Each day, I did mini-workshops in crazy-patchwork using recycled materials - (and taking along my new items shown in the previous post )- which seemed to go well.
Only one embarrassing  moment for me, when a lady was engrossed in doing her sample and I absentmindedly patted her on the shoulder and said "good girl!" Oh goodness, years of being in school classrooms dies hard! She just looked up and said " actually I rather liked it - nobody said that to me at school - I'll come again!" So we all had a good laugh.

One view of my stand.........while I was demonstrating embellishing.

I decided to take cover in the Bandstand one night, having tried to get down to the sea, but it was raining too hard. About the only view I had - one with eyes right......

the other, eyes left...

A huge thank-you to all who came the show!

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