Saturday, 5 February 2011

C-C- Crazy Patchwork

During the last week, I have been preparing some items featuring crazy patchwork for demonstrations and workshops. I prefer to keep mine simple, and not add everything and the kitchen sink. However, embellishments that can be used are very varied -  I use both new and re-cycled fabrics, and invariably, vintage decorations.

In blue - ( I have been having a "Blue Period")

......and two examples of machine embroidered crazy patchwork...

...and a larger piece worked in silks, satins and velvets......

I only spend about two hours at a stretch doing the stitches, as much longer makes your eyes go doolally.
It's very enjoyable though, relaxing, and potentially addictive!
Hope you like them!

©Dar Msallema 2010-2011


  1. The blue one is my favorite!
    So pretty, i can imagine the stich doodaling would be addictive!

  2. Thank you, both. I'm always interested to see how just changing the basic colourway makes such a vast difference!

  3. REALLY nice! Love the blue one! Have been thinking about patchwork a lot, but have so many things on my creative plate right now! Looking forward to seeing more :)

  4. I like the blue too! I have a similar blue rose print as one of my jewellery backgrounds :)

  5. Oh I loved those chickens! See you next week.. xxx