Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Day Off....

On Friday, a day off from making Christmas items, my daughter and I wended our way to Teignmouth. I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't see the sea for ages, so it was lovely, although the day was overcast and moody. The first thing we saw was a rainbow: I took a photo on my phone, but infuriatingly it would not save as the memory was full! An "oh shoot" moment!

The huts on the pier looked rather bizarre without the sun and summer crowds, and very lonely.

From the other side, less so as they were all clumped together.

Lunch at the Beachcomber, then another amble on a freezing cold promenade and through the streets - we both like just ambling. As the light went at tea-time, the horizon developed a shaded line, as though someone had carefully applied eye-liner - it was beautiful, and looked very cold and forbidding at the same time.

Then it rained, and rained and rained.....
Time for a cup of tea.

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