Friday, 26 March 2010

Hello and Welcome to Dar Msallema!

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Woods, and I am an artist, teacher and designer-maker. I live in beautiful Devon, which is a constant source of inspiration - and rain.
I love working with textiles, and frequently work with them in the same way as I do paint and other materials, which usually means making a glorious mess. (I do love  the pristine cleanliness after tidying up!)
I suppose subconsciously I am hoping that others may find my work  "meaningful" in some way, or even better, "useful", but that doesn't really figure at the time of creating. That comes later as I really do enjoy making an item for someone, knowing it will serve them well, and last for years. It's just the way I live.The influences on my work, inspiration, daily life, and the process of creating all run and blend together.
I was recently asked - "which page are you on?" That just about sums it up!

Some examples of my artwork can be seen by clicking on the titled Pages above.

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